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Custom Mobile Apps for Marketing & Brand Engagement

The aggressive growth of mobile smart devices is rapidly changing the way people access information, interact with each other and connect with brands. The need to be always connected and have instant access to realtime information has led to the emergence of apps and the decline of the web browser. As per data published by comScore, over 80% of mobile users use apps rather than the browser.

We have developed many award winning games & apps and our own games & apps have crossed 60 million downloads.

We have developed custom apps for marketing communication and product promotion across all mobile and web platforms.

We have developed over 100 apps for FMCG product promotions, feature film launches, customer engagement, trade fairs and events.

Our app portfolio covers Fortune 500 to SMEs.

Whether it is a simple informational app or a highly interactive multimedia app with social and CRM connects, we have the technical and creative proficiencies to develop mobile applications in a cross-platform environment: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry.

Information Publishing App

Reach your News Letters, Product Catalogues and Training Manuals to mobile or tablets.

Our information publishing app is a smart tool designed for large, medium and small corporates.

  • Instantaneous, Effective and Accessible by people on the move
  • Useful for various functions: Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Corporate Communication, Investor Relations
  • Provides a Competitive Edge
  • Provides valuable insights on the consumer’s information needs
  • Huge savings in Cost and Time
  • Offer a rich, immersive experience of browsing through your product catalog: 3D animations, videos, hotspots and state-of-the-art interactions
  • Push Notifications
  • Social and CRM connects

Why Nextwave

  • Deep technical understanding of multiple operating systems and technologies
  • High creative skills
  • Thorough testing for different devices and OS to ensure delivery of apps of highest standards
  • Developed over 100+ apps and games for mobiles and tablets, many award-winning
  • Our apps and games have a combined 50 million+ downloads