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Process Steps

  • Business needs analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Target audience analysis
  • Solution identification
  • Project plan
  • Prototype
  • Development and completion
  • Quality check
  • Client acceptance
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance

Although broadly the production of all our creative work goes through the same process (planning, designing & development or production and post-production), it is in the details that the development methodologies differ for each media.

Our development methodologies are adaptable to real world situations where we do not have the luxury of going through detailed steps due to pressing deadlines.

The following are the common steps in the development methodology that we follow for all media.

Objective analysis:

The client brief helps in arriving at a clear understanding of the purpose behind every piece of communication and its targeted audience.

Proposal / website documentation / film treatment note:

This document is derived from the objective analysis, once agreed upon, forms the basis for starting the first stage of the creative process.

In the case of the website projects, the proposal or the scope document also contains details about

  • Development tools and technologies to be used
  • Hosting infrastructure requirement
  • The development timeline
  • Cost estimates and payment terms

Design prototyping / details script or storyboard:

This phase of the work starts after receiving the Work Order alongwith 50% advance payment from the client. During this stage, the work is given the visual shape that the final output will acquire, for web projects, the homepage and a few link pages, and for sometimes, a storyboard, are created for approval.

Development / Production:

After approval of the design prototype/script or storyboard, the project enters its most intensive and production phase. Web pages are designed and coded, animation is created, video footage shot and edited, and so on.

The finished work is shown to the client, for approval and animation jobs are now ready for handing over, while web projects enter into their final phase.

Hosting / Billing:

Web site are ready to be uploaded and tested for bugs, and after correction are billed. Completed video and animation projects are also billed now.

Registration with Search Engine and Directories:

This is a free service provided to our clients. The hosted site is manually registered with all the major search engines, search directories and trade directories. This promotion helps in directing traffic to the web site.

Post-hand over Maintenance:

We provide free maintenance of the websites developed by us, for one year, subject to the condition that the work does not take up more than two hours per month or 24 hours in first year.

For sites which require intensive maintenance, we enter into an annual contract with the client.