World Cricket Championship 2

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World Cricket Championship 2 is the best mobile cricket game ever! With intense 3D graphics, breathtaking gameplay and scintillating animations, this game is the real deal when it comes to mobile cricket gaming. The objective is to capture the authentic experience of playing an actual cricket match on the mobile platform to entertain every cricket fan! World Cricket Championship 2 is versatile and is centered around the gamer. World Cricket Championship 2 has 45+ cricketing shots and as professional cricketers invent new shots, we like our fans to also relate to that experience!

World Cricket Championship 2 captures all forms of cricketing experience and has banked on intuitive gameplay so that gaming is spontaneous and enjoyable. World Cricket Championship 2 also engages the player with high voltage-power-packed tournaments including the famous World Cup, T20 Cup, Blitz tournaments and many many more! There is also a whole array of colors and custom made banners for the player to leave his/her fingerprints on the game! We have the multiplayer mode coming soon!! We thank all our fans for making this happen!

Version 2.0
  • Test Cricket has been introduced to give intensive test match experience, so the long wait is over!
  • Hot Events - Play live matches around the world!
  • Seven popular new Stadiums added!
  • New Bowling variations added, so now you can now bowl a reverse swing, a googly, a top spin & much more!
  • Access Quick Play now with just one tap!
  • Enhanced Animation for more realism
  • Latest Team squads are included & much more!

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