Video Production for Indian Robotix League (IRL)

The Indian Robotix League (IRL) 2014 was held on the 28th of December 2014 at Bharath University, Chennai. Organized by Robotix Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd , the 8-event IRL attracts student participants from across India where they display their practical knowledge of STEM skills as well as test their core cognitive functions through a fun and interactive competition.

Nextwave Multimedia handled a 5-camera video shooting, in full HD format, of the complete event that happened on two floors. While 2 cameras were roving cameras, capturing interesting visuals and sound bytes, the feed from the other 3 cameras were streamed on plasma monitors for the parents and visitors to view. In addition to these 5 High Definition cameras, 3 high quality mini (GoPro) cameras were also used to capture ground level, immersive views of the actions of the robots.

As in 2013, this year too, Nextwave will produce marketing videos using the footage shot at the event.